Sunday, August 21, 2011

Where Did Summer Go?

Okay, so it's not "officially" the end of summer, but here it is, the 21st of August. My niece and nephew are starting back to school tomorrow, the sun is setting a little earlier day by day and there's that feeling of change in the air. I still have a stack of books I was going to read this summer and places I wanted to go, but haven't. My summer "To Do" list still has far too many things on it that aren't yet crossed off. However, on the positive side, I accomplished one huge goal this summer - I started this blog and have learned so much along the way! Autumn is coming and it's my favorite season of the year, so I'm looking forward to sharing more art, more books, more stories, more beautiful images and more tea with you!

Some of the books still to read on my shelf!

The following poems were written by my friend, Sophia, and so beautifully express this subtle shift in nature as summer comes to an end.

Sophia Basan

Crickets still sing
Fog rises in the mornings
Above the unharvested fields
I’m listening
For the first geese
To fill the sky
With Southbound honking
Leaving autumn in my arms….
Still the morning dove calls
And the last lily still blooms
The apples are still green on the trees
Winter sleeps
Beneath the wildflower meadows
I’m listening for the first geese
To fill the sky
with Southbound honking
Leaving autumn in my arms….

To August
Sophia Basan

Last month of summer
I drink thee like a precious cup of tea
Each sip a taste of herbs and sun

In vain I try to trap
The crickets’ song in my heart
To warm a long Winter to come

I breathe you deeply with all your colors
Your dancing cottonwood leaves
Your sunflowers and purple thistles…

Each barefoot step in hot sand
Each splash of jumpin fish
Each wave against my belly

Laughter and freedom
My sun baked brown daughter
Running to me with her arms open for a hug

What if I could build a castle with a poem
And you could live in it
All year long we’d be waiting for apples to ripen…

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