Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Wind of My Soul ~

I just read a little gem of a book titled “The Wind of My Soul,” written by Peggy Hill and illustrated by Cynthia McDonald. It’s full of inspirational poems and reflections that touch on the themes of love, nature, courage, faith, pain…life in general. It’s the type of book you’ll want to keep close and read over and over - each time gaining something new from Peggy’s insightful words. I absolutely love that it includes pages to record your own thoughts, poems, and musings. And Cynthia’s colorful, ethereal paintings are the perfect companion to Peggy’s poems. For yourself, or as a gift for someone special, I highly recommend The Wind of My Soul.

About the author:
Peggy Hill is a lover of life, words and nature. She is an award-winning writer who has produced music, theater plays, videos and books, and is also active as a retreat and conference facilitator. She resides in the Ancient Ozark Mountains, where she writes and is the founder and CEO of the music, publishing and production company, Circle Studios Records. Her hobbies include cooking, reading and traveling. You can read more of Peggy’s writing at her blog, which can be found online at:

About the Illustrator:
Cynthia McDonald was born and raised in Ohio. She is a wife, mother and grandmother who has many passions besides her family, ranging from the Native American flute to painting. Cynthia’s biggest love is gourds, which she carves, stains, paints and adorns; creating beautiful one-of-a-kind works of art which are highly sought after by collectors. More recently, Cynthia applied her creative talents to painting on canvas and to an artistic concept called “art journaling,” both of which are featured in this very special book. You may find Cynthia online at:


Meandering Thoughts said...

Thank you Cindy for you wonderful endorsement, it was truly a labor of love. I am so happy you are enjoying the messages within. Cynthia McDonald

Cindy said...

You're very welcome, Cynthia. It's a beautiful book!


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